2018 National Development Camp- Gold Coast!

This years annual Development Camp on the Gold Coast was yet again a fantastic experience for all who attended. Baton Twirlers from each state were not only lucky enough to receive coaching again from some of our national coaches and World Championship participants, but we were also very lucky to be able to meet and receive additional coaching from 3 extremely talented and experienced coaches from the USA, Italy, & Japan, and experience a fantastic display of their talent.

Mark Nash from the United States was one of those very talented coaches. Mark’s achievements throughout his career are phenomenal. He was an 8 time Men’s World Baton Twirling Champion (Gold Medalist), 8 time National Men’s Solo Champion, 3 time National Dance Twirl Champion, 4 time National 2 Baton Champion, & 4 time National 3 Baton Champion. He also danced professionally as a soloist with the Cincinnati Ballet, Ballet West, Dayton Ballet and the International Ballet Theatre. His knowledge and passion for Baton Twirling and Dance, was evident in his coaching at the camp. He was very encouraging and supportive towards all students, and his demonstration of 2 Baton, 3 Baton & even 4 Baton was absolutely fantastic.

Melissa Bellotti from Italy and Anna Atsuki from Japan, were also an amazing addition to the coaching line up. Their experience and knowledge were of great benefit to all participants. Melissa’s display of amazing tricks combined with gymnastics and beautiful dance technique was definitely another highlight of the camp. Her knowledge and expertise was then passed on to all participants in group activities, and those who had private lessons.

Anna Atsuki from Japan was great with the younger participants who attended the camp, with her fun personality and kind and encouraging teaching technique. Her Dance Twirl display was also very entertaining.

Australia’s own Anastassia Tsaloukas also gave a great Dance Twirl display, with her unique and very entertaining routine “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.

There were many amazing learning opportunities available for all who attended this years’ camp, with everything from Baton Twirling & Dance, to Gymnastics and Yoga, & at the end of the camp all students were able to sit their current level TAS assessment.

Many other fun activities were also organised during the breaks, such as an outdoor disco and games, talent quest, and swimming in the beautiful Tallebudgera creek and swimming pool.

I would like to say a big thank you to Judy Vidulich from Twirl Queensland, for all her hard work organising another fantastic camp this year. I would also like to thank all our Coaches, both National and International, for kindly giving up their time, and passing on their knowledge and expertise to coaches and young athletes.

With so many great opportunities provided by the ABTA, I am really looking forward to attending the next Development Camp in 2019!

Thanks again to our amazing coaches- (L-R) Anna Atsuki (Japan), Melissa Bellotti (Italy), Mark Nash (USA),

Anastassia Tsaloukas, Grace McDonald, Nadine Pace, Susan McDonald, Eliza Harper, Mara Chase, & Judy Vidulich- Aus.

*More photos of the 2018 Development are available to view on Facebook & Instagram.

2017 Development Camp Gold Coast!

For the second year in a row I attended the annual 3 day Development Camp on the beautiful Gold Coast. Every year coaches & athletes from all over Australia meet for additional coaching from some of our best Australian Coaches, who have all competed numerous times at many competitions throughout the world, including the International Cup & World Championships. Each coach and athlete who attended was lucky enough to receive coaching advice and learn various new tricks from each coach. Both Anastassia Tsaloukas & Adam Gates gave coaching tips on contact material & rolls, Alycia French gave advice on flexibility and body work, and Carly Scullion taught 2 Baton. I was also very fortunate to have had private lessons with two of those very talented coaches, for Dance Twirl with Anastassia Tsaloukas, and contact & rolls with Adam Gates.    

This year’s Camp was organised by Judy Vidulich from Twirl Queensland, not only was it a fantastic learning experience but yet again I met some wonderful new people. Congratulations and a big thank you to Judy for organising such a fantastic event. I am really looking forward to attending again in January 2018.

A huge thank you to our amazing Coaches who kindly gave up their time to attend the camp and offer advice to all who attended. L to R- Anastassia Tsaloukas, Alycia French, Judy Vidulich, Adam Gates & Carly Scullion.

Australian Baton Twirling Development Camp 2016

In January 2016 I was fortunate enough to attend the annual 3 day National Twirling Development Camp in Queensland. The Camp is organised & run by the Committee members of the ABTA and various Twirling Coaches from each state throughout Australia. 

Those that attended the Camp were lucky enough to meet and receive coaching by France’s Senior team Coach Jean Michel Ruelle. Jean Michel has successfully trained the French teams to become World Champions numerous times. Six other very talented Australian Coaches also attended the camp offering their knowledge and expertise to Athletes & Coaches, followed by a display of their skills and amazing talent. One of those talented athletes was current Australian One Baton & 2 Baton Champion of Champions Abbey McNab. Francine Stevens who will be one of our Australian representatives at the 2017 Pacific Cup in California, also kindly offered coaching advice, as did fantastic past & present World Championship & International Cup participants & Coaches Anastassia Tsaloukas, Jannette Griffiths, Adam Gates & Alycia French who each displayed their amazing tricks of Rolls & Aerials. ABTA Committee Members & Judges Roselyne Stevens & Joanne LeMiere also attended, giving Coaching tips and support to everyone involved.

A fun talent Quest was also held in which some fantastic acts were performed, consisting of Dancing, Singing, Magic tricks & very creative (& hilarious) skits, all performed by some of the younger members who attended the Camp, & various Coaches. 

It was a great experience for both Coaches and young athletes alike. Not only did I gain more experience, knowledge and some great advice, I also met some wonderful people. I would like to say a huge thankyou to all of the ABTA committee members, past & present Australian Team members, Coaches & other helpers for not only their hard work in organising such a fantastic event but helping to make Revolution Dance Twirl possible and reintroducing Baton Twirling in Tasmania. I am looking forward to attending the next Development Camp in 2017.

Thank you very much to all of the fantastic Coaches for all of your hard work at the 2016 Twirling Development Camp. L-R Abbey McNab, Anastassia Tsaloukas, Jean Michel Ruelle (France), Alycia French, Adam Gates, Francine Stevens, Jannette Griffiths & Joanne LeMiere.

French Coach Jean Michel Ruelle, giving some great tips to young Athletes from various States, at the 2016 Development Camp in Queensland.

Sunny Coast Twirlers enjoying a break at the 2016 Development Camp in Queensland.