What we Teach-

RDT currently teaches Dance Twirl, Standard Solos, Duos, Teams, Artistic One Baton, Two Baton & Specialised.

New Enrolments-

New Members are always welcome at RDT, and enrolments are taken twice during the year. New Members can enrol anytime before February to join our classes for the full year, or in July to join classes for Terms 3 & 4. If a new member joins in July for Terms 3 & 4, some Private lessons may be required to catch up.

*Note- Enrolments for Tiny Twirler's (3-5 years) are taken all year round and Private lessons are not required.

Acknowledgement of Students (Reward & Recognition)- All classes receive the following, throughout the year.

  • Weekly Team Leaders- Chosen to lead fun activities in class, based on good attitude etc.
  • Students of the Month- Receive a Certificate & are featured in the RDT Newsletter.
  • Participation Certificates- Burnie Eisteddfod.
  • Participation Certificate & Medal- RDT End of Year Display.
  • Trophies / Awards- at the RDT End of Year Display. 
  • Certificate & Badge- ABTA TAS program.

Additional Activities / Incentives-

  • Colouring in sheets- Tiny Twirler's & Petite's.
  • Fun Activity sheets- RDT Word Search Puzzles.
  • Speed & Skill Test Sheets- Encourages goal setting & perseverance.
  • Prizes- Various Competitions.
  • Stickers / Stamps- Reward for effort, attitude, good behaviour (younger members).


  • Tiny Twirler's.
  • Tiny Tot's / Petite Beginner's.
  • Beginner's Baton Twirling.
  • Boys Zone.
  • Petites / Juvenile's.
  • Two Baton.

Class Age groups-

Tiny Twirler's (3-5 years)  

Tiny Tots / Petite Beginner's (4-6 years)                                         

Boys Zone- (6 years + over)

Beginner's Baton Twirling- (7 years + over)

Petites /Juveniles- (6 - 12 years)

Two Baton- (6 years + over) 

RDT Terms-

Same as Tasmanian School Terms. 

There are no classes held during the School Holidays, except for the July holidays before our performances at the Burnie Eisteddfod.                                         


Thank you for your interest in Revolution Dance Twirl.

We look forward to having you as our newest Revolution Dance Twirl Member.