Revolution Dance Twirl-

⭐Encourages students to express their creativity & talent through a love of Music, Dance & Twirling, & are passionate about our unique sport.

⭐Strives to encourage young members to achieve their goals & reach their full potential, by providing a safe & caring environment to learn in.

⭐Emphasizes teamwork & good sportsmanship, and encourages support & respect for all team members, classmates, opponents and officials.

⭐Understands the importance of good nutrition for sport & is a supporter of all "Good Sports" health initiative programs, contributing to overall good health of all members.

⭐Is dedicated to building confidence & self-esteem with support and positive feedback.

⭐Believes that each young person is unique and should be treated as such, enabling growth and self-expression.

⭐Aims to help build positive relationships & lasting friendships through trust & mutual respect.

⭐Respects & encourages both recreational participation & a healthy competitive spirit.

⭐In particular, Revolution Dance Twirl encourages young athletes to focus on the intrinsic rewards of Baton Twirling more than obtaining trophies. We believe that although competing can be fun and winning is great, with the right attitude, it can be just as rewarding to participate for the love and enjoyment of the sport.